Producer | Mixer | Engineer

"For 27 years I've been working in beautiful, state of the art recording facilities in the Midwest, California, Hawaii and Texas as a freelance producer, mixer, engineer, live broadcast engineer and session musician. I've recorded and produced many styles of music and I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people over the years. I'm currently working close to home at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studios in Wimberely, Texas, Orb Studios in South Austin and Warm Audio Studios in North Austin, but will happily travel to collaborate with dedicated artists. I'm always looking for interesting projects to lend my ears and creative spirit to, so please feel free to send your project and contact information through this site."

Here are some of the folks I've produced and recorded in a studio and/or for Blue Rock's live broadcast concert series. I'm very proud of this work and especially the friendships made creating together. Please look for them all... listen and support!

Click on the sub for samples of work.